Italy and wines

Italian domestic vines are what offer the true flavour characteristics that have made Italian wines world reknown for ages. With literally hundreds of wines produced in Italy annually, it is no wonder that selecting Italian wines can be a bit intimidating. Italy is an intricate wine area, one of the most complex areas in the world, with many wine producing regions and grape varieties. Each region of Italy has a distinct cuisine and traditional dish incorporating fresh ingredients
and local products. The same applies to wines.

White wines

White wines can be produced in a range of styles, flavours and forms, including dry, fruity, sparkling and dessert-type wines. In the same way, the colours vary depending on the type of white wine: dry whites are usually pale, almost transparent.
Sweeter wines will be slightly more yellow, while the bona fide dessert wines are yellow-gold,
sometimes brown. White wine is usually paired with white meats like chicken, fish and pork.
Depending on the acidity and tannin content of the wine, it also makes a good pairing for seafood and pasta with a creamy base.

Red wines

Some of the smells and flavours associated with red wine include berries, dark chocolate, plums, peppers, tobacco and spices. Red wines range between soft and supple varieties like Merlot and Chianti to fuller, more substantial types like Barolo or Amarone. Red wine is best enjoyed with red meats, whether grilled, roasted or smoked, as well as creamy dishes and a variety of cheeses.

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Our wine menu offers a choice of classic Italian wines as well as some carefully selected wines from around the world ranging from USA, Australia and Chile.

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